2 shouts in one day for Bude RNLI

On Sunday morning (25th April) the Bude RNLI lifeboat launched for training exercises with two separate crews training over the course of the morning. Just as the volunteer lifeboat and shore crew were leaving station the first shout of the day went out.

The RNLI lifeguards launched their Rescue Water Craft (RWC) to reports of 3 surfers in difficulty at Sandymouth and the RNLI lifeboat launched at approximately 12.20pm to back them up. The lifeguards arrived on scene first and were able to usher the casualties to the safety of the beach. Arriving on scene it was clear that the lifeboat crew wouldn’t be needed and they were immediately stood down. The RNLI lifeboat and the RNLI lifeguard’s RWC made their way back to Summerleaze together, checking on a group of surfers (who were all fine) on the way.

Not long after the boat was rehoused and back ready for service there was a second shout! This time to reports of 2 casualties and a dog that had been cut off by the tide between Crooklets and Northcott. The RNLI lifeboat launched at approximately 2.10pm with the RNLI lifeguards also launching their RWC.

Assessing the situation it was clear that the casualties were in no immediate danger and it deemed too risky for the lifeboat crew to take them by sea. Bude Coastguard Rescue Team were able to reach them and guide them over rocks and back to safety.

After returning to Summerleaze beach the lifeboat crew provided assistance to the shore crew who were dealing with a first aid incident on the beach that was unrelated to the shout.

Being able to respond to shouts and save lives at sea is only possible because of the dedication of our RNLI lifeboat volunteers. As well as the crew on board the lifeboat there is also a team of people behind the scenes. Just like the lifeboat crew, the shore crew are volunteers who give up their free time to attend training and exercises and are also on-call 24/7 in case a shout goes out. Without the shore crew in attendance the lifeboat wouldn’t be able to launch!

Lifeboat Operations Manager, Liam Sharpe said: ‘Well done to everyone involved in today’s shouts! I’d like to thank the lifeboat and shore crew for giving up their free time, not just today but all year round. Although no one expected to be at the station for so long today everyone is thankfully that both shouts had good outcomes. Please remember that if you are spending time at the coast to always check the tide! Around Bude, and throughout Cornwall, there are many bays that are easily accessible at low tide but that get cut off at high tide and this can happen very quickly. If you’re unsure please ask a lifeguard for advice.’
Please remember to phone 999 and ask for the coastguard if you see anyone in trouble at the coast.

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