2 Minute Foundation sets up 3 ton challenge

The iInternationally recognised environmental charity, The 2 Minute Foundation, recently announced that they have made “a breakthrough in beach cleaning” by turning low grade waste collected on litter picks into litter picking Stations.

It takes 3 tons of litter to create 100 Stations, so The 2 Minute Foundation HQ team have decided to set themselves the challenge of collecting that amount to kickstart the project.

The team will be using their lockdown daily exercise time to collect the weight of a baby blue whale in plastic litter from the beaches across Cornwall and Devon in the next few months.

Martin Dorey, founder of The 2 Minute Foundation, said: “Not only will it save us from using new materials to make beach clean stations in the future but it will also inspire people to go and collect litter for their own stations! That means we are turning beach waste into a resource that can be used for good instead of going to landfill or continuing to choke our oceans!”

Working alongside a number of other organisations, including Reworked and The Ocean Recovery Project, they have been able to create a process that is truly circular.

The 2 Minute Foundation is looking for sponsors to help them roll out these stations across the UK and beyond, green transport to help move marine litter to their processor, volunteers to help gather and store beach plastic and funding to help make the first 100 stations.

If you’d like to join in their fight against plastic pollution you can contact The 2 Minute Foundation on martin@2minute.org or nicky@2minute.org.


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