19th July re-opening update

Just over half of the eligible population is fully vaccinated, but 19th July marks the final day of Covid unlocking.

This means:

  • all businesses can re-open
  • mask wearing and social distancing are left to individual autonomy, though the language of government suggests people are expected to wear a mask on public transport and in shops – trains/buses can make it a condition of ticket sales
  • you still need to self-isolate if you test positive for Covid-19
  • obligation for home working ceases, and people will be expected to return to work, gradually – more guidance to be revealed. Workplaces will have no legal right to demand home working, whatever their conditions
  • larger events like festivals and nightclubs are being encouraged to introduce Covid-vaccination certification

No doubt more guidance will follow in the coming days. No one currently knows what will happen in terms of infections, hospitalisations and any new waves. There will be more deaths and hospitalisations is the expectation.

Scientific advice is that hospital admissions could peak post-August with 1000-2000 admissions a day.

Caution is urged but many will be keen to see restrictions end. However, the pandemic is not over, and the risk remains. We just now decide for ourselves what risks to take.


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