10 #Bude Christmas Questions – Pritch

unnamedAlthough tonight is late night shopping, which I will enjoy as much as the next person, I’m a bit sick of hearing about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and consumer spend, spend, spend this Christmas. What about those who do, do, do for the community?

So, I am interested to hear some pre-Christmas views from people who are active all year round in our amazing community. I’ve sent out the following 10 questions to some great people for whom I have contact details.

If you want to suggest anyone else, please ask them to email their responses and a photo to budeandbeyond@gmail.com pronto.

I realise it is a really busy time, and I haven’t contacted people who I know are really snowed under or can’t access the internet, but that’s not to stop them, and we’d all love to hear from them.

Anyway, first up is Pritch, surf aficionado, and volunteer for anything to do with a surfboard, for whom deep respect, and  many thanks, Good Sir…what an impact you’ve made on Bude during 2014.


1. What are you enjoying most about Bude so far this advent?
The excitement of the thought of the XMAS swim, getting families together, seeing people’s kids getting all excited.
2. What do you feel has been your greatest achievement in Bude during 2014?
Forging forward with the Surf Veterans club which had some difficulties at the start of the year.
Seeing kids in BUDE progressing with their surfing at Bude Waveriders and seeing the clubs numbers swelling to make us the largest surf club in the UK!
Surfing the river with friends in January. Channel 4 were down recently and Bude will be appearing in a programme about adverse weather on C4 Dec 14th 7:30, where the river surf will be aired! Go Bude! (that’s exciting).
3. What would you like to see happen in Bude in 2015?
Great summer, beaches/sea pool full, lots of tourists coming spending lots of money in Bude.
See toilet facilities in Bude sorted.
I would also like to see a greater effort made to “Christmas” Bude up as , compared to places like Camelford, we look lacking !
I appreciate money is tight, but we should allocate funds to really make an effort to show off this wonderful town of ours!
4. Which person in Bude do you most admire for their community spirit and why? 
(er, Pritch, that’s four of them, but what the heck – and I totally agree; great choices).
Charlie Green – his involvement, enthusiasm and energy amongst the Waveriders and local community is wonderful to see.
Matt Stephenson for his tireless efforts teaching people to Surf through Big Blue as well as at Waveriders.
Paul Stickney from Zuma’s for organising Bude Surf Veteran meets, as well as helping out with equipment and people issues.
Ado Shorland for his commitment to keeping beaches in Bude clean, and for organising WTF beach cleans as well as assisting in aiding wounded animals on our beaches.
5. What would be the best Christmas present of all for you this year?
For no kid in Bude to go without presents and no person/family to go hungry.
On a personal level, my greatest gift this year is my son Jamie being with me XMAS day – 1st time in 14 years, can’t wait!
6. What do you think is the best thing about Bude?
The people, people’s spirit, the sense of community oh yes and the beaches!
7. What makes Bude a great community? 

Having people living here who genuinely care about other people. People who will go the extra mile to check you are ok, do something for other people and simply do something

for the benefit of others in the community whilst expecting nothing back for themselves!

8. What has been your favourite event in Bude this year?
River surfing in January, taking advantage of unusually high swells and storms.
9. Will you join the Bude SLSC Christmas day swim this year? (why/why not?)
Absolutely – I shall be there in my usual tutu!
Usual rules, head under or it doesn’t count!
10. What Christmas greeting would you like to give to the people of Bude?
Wishing everybody in this wonderful town of ours Love, Luck, Laughter, Health and Happiness.


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