Observations one soggy morning in Bude

B & B was sent this by a local shopkeeper. I’m sure you will find it insightful…   Bored, I stare through the window at the wet world outside. Rain […]

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Hip Hop for Bude at BED

Pupils of The Clock are a Hip Hop duo from Cornwall, who will be hosting internationally renowned group, The Mouse Outfit in Bude next Thursday Dec 21st. In Bude, a […]

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Bude & Beyond

Did you know that Bude & Beyond, since we started keeping stats re our new site, has had over 990,000 views? On our best day, we managed over 12,000 views. […]

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Free parking today in Bude & on Boxing Day at Widemouth

Residents and visitors are being encouraged to shop locally this festive season as Cornwall Council continues to offer one day’s free parking in paid-for car parks across Cornwall during the […]

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Bude and Beyond - Be Informed

John Leech: the cartoonist who gave us Christmas past

Please note that featured image is an Arthur Rackham. John Leech via Wikimedia Commons James Whitworth, University of Sheffield Scrooge sits by the fire, warming his hands on its meagre […]

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All I want for Christmas is You: Mariah Carey number one for UK’s favourite festive song

shutterstock. Craig Anderson, University of Glasgow For me, one of the best bits about the Christmas season is hearing a favourite Christmas songs on the radio or while out shopping. […]

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Ocean plastic: clean it up, but avoid the mistakes of global climate policy

Fotos593 / shutterstock Malcolm David Hudson, University of Southampton In early December 2017 the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi announced a resolution on marine litter and microplastics. The move […]

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Bude and Beyond - Be Inspired

Be inspired to take a course…

It’s that time of year when sometimes you just want to curl up at home, or you want to be out but feel a need to learn something, DO something. […]

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Bude and Beyond - Be Nostalgic

The day they dug up Bude’s railway track…

Railway 1950s – freight train approaches the wharf Decided to use this story previously published on Bude Past & Present site, given the Bude Connect AGM on Saturday.   Story […]

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